Nước uống cứu sinh bọc 125mL, thùng 96 bọc

    12.000 ₫ 12.000 ₫ 12000.0 VND

    12.000 ₫

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    Datasheet Chứng nhận USCG Chứng nhận đăng kiểm Lloyd's

    Datasheet : https://handyman.vn/web/content/319771?download=true
    U.S.C.G. Approved, Lloyd’s Type Approved, New Zealand Approved,
    UK MCA Approved, Complies with SOLAS 74/83.
    # Per Case 96 packets
    # Per Pallet 72 cases
    # Per Layer 12 cases
    Layers Per Pallet 6 layers high
    • USCG Approval # 160.026/65/0
    • Lloyd’s Register Approval # SAS S100053
    • National Stock # 8960-01-124-4543
    • H.S. Tariff Classification # 2201.90.0000
    • NMFC 60
    SOS Food Lab Emergency Water Rations ensure access to
    potable drinking water in emergency situations. Our water
    is triple purified using reverse osmosis and is UV sterilized.
    Easy open, vacuum packed foil packed or plastic bottles
    make it easier to ration and store.
    Used in emergency and survival situations, and also for the
    preparedness market; including outdoor activities like hiking,
    fishing, etc. Perfect for response teams, police, fire, military
    and aviation when water access is uncertain.

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