Sanitization of environments, surfaces, equipment in a single kit

SANY + AIR, compact, easy to handle, with an ultra-dry nebulization combined with the specific sanitizer or disinfectant
it can be used anywhere also on electronic equipment, computers, telephones, fabrics, furniture, sanitary ware, etc.
After performing the ordinary cleaning, spray with SANY AIR, a simple and accurate sanitization and / or process
disinfection (depending on the product used) which will give you the peace of mind of living the working environments in total safety
and / or housing.

NARDI Compressors, for over 50 years leader in the production of INDUSTRIAL and MEDICAL compressors Made in Italy,
proposes itself as an ally in the fight against environmental infections that are increasingly present today.


SANY + AIR is the premier of a new range of NARDI medical compressors designed for disinfection and sanitization. Thanks to the nebulization of sanitizing liquids it is possible to disinfect all types of environments and surfaces. Built totally with Italian and certified components, its highly efficiency and performance allows you to spray and nebulize for a long me non-stop. Sany + Air is a low-pressure oil-free compressor equipped with a pressure gun that can spray sanitizing products with very little air.


SANY + AIR has a small but a very strong heart and it has an extremely resistant pumping unit. The robust materials used have made it possible to obtain a small compressor capable of working continuously for many hours without any maintenance. In fact, it is a compressor with the same technology as those built for professional use in the medical sector such as the compressor range for DENTAL clinics.


SANY + AIR is a handy and an easy to use compressor. Once the liquid to be sprayed has been poured into the little tank, and the plug plugged into the electric socket, all you have to do is simply press the red ON / OFF switch and thanks to the pressure reducer on the compressor and the flow regulator, it is possible to decide the intensity of the spray and the quantity of vaporized liquid sprinkled.


SANY + AIR is a convenient compressor because it is built with the same components assembled in our standard production. This gave us the opportunity to quickly produce a new sanitization system obtaining a final product with very convenient manufacturing costs. The sanitizing liquid to be sprayed can easily be found on the market, make sure to follow the advice and instructions of the WHO when choosing your product. In the case of alcoholic solutions, the nebulization is so efficient that the sprayed product will dry instantly.


SANY + AIR is highly efficient. With its special characteristic of having a constant dry spray it deposits the sanitizing products homogeneously on large surfaces. Therefore it does not require drying. Equipped with a 5 meter spiral tube, it allows quick and free movement around places, objects and things. Not a single drop of the sanitizing product will be wasted because once mixed with the compressed air it is totally transformed into a micro nebulization which will sanitize and disinfect your environment.