Why Choose Us

New Technology Solutions

At DLV Corporation always apply new technologies into practice, especially the adoption of practical solutions to put in service of life, production, and manufacturing industries. Contribute to improving and modernization the nation, as well as a pioneer in many fields of new technologies being applied in developed countries.

Manufacturing & Production.

We extend our services through the fields of design and manufacture of industrial equipment, providing common machines in the field of oil and gas, aviation, marine and manufacturing…

Renting Equipments

DLV Corporation provides a complete portfolio of industrial safety products leading to sales and leasing for companies wishing to upgrade or expand their facilities.

Maintenance & Servicing

In order to build the trust of customers as well as improve the quality of services in a comprehensive manner. Stages and Maintenance and Servicing processes s always our best interested to achieve high efficiency in the operation as well as providing products being the most optimal operation and durable.


DLV Corp, part of SAMASER Group, is the leading marine, offshore and defense solution provider that founded in 1986. With headquarter in Vietnam, we offer a one-stop solution for the shipping, shipbuilding, offshore as well as military industries; from consulting, designing, supplying, installation, commissioning, calibration to after-sales services.



Another Services

We Are Constantly Making Efforts On Customer Satisfaction

Service Aviation

Including overhaul of fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, evacuation slides, life rafts, life jackets, helicopter float gears, servo actuators and related equipment. We are authorized from numerous manufacturers for warranty and repairing of specialized equipment in this industry.

Services Military Technology

Development, manufacture and repair of many different components; testing the new prototype, including: Radar, ROV, Sonar Navigation System, Carbon Fiber Equipment, Submarine Detection Device, Defense System.

Service Training

The short course will give the audience served in the maritime field, specialized civil covers the skills necessary to ensure the professionalism and skills requisite for candidates (Advanced English, Safety Marine Training, Fire Prevention and Fire Escape…)

ServiceAir Quality Control

To meet the needs of many businesses want to install and operate the air filtration system as a whole package service. Puritrak company provides equipment leasing air filters and related services including dust concentration measurement, allowing to control air environment in the region.